Graffiti in the Warren

fresh paint

Welcome to our multiple jounal. All of us will post here, but mostly this exists so that we can join the relevant communities without giving the game away to all and sundry. Also, since our internal communication skills vary and we're very visual thinkers, we will use this for talking to each other if we want to ensure there's no confusion.

Who we are:

Seb (Sebastian) - Currently the main fronter. Likes reading, dragons, birds, cookery. Tends toward sarcasm. Much more inclined to intellectual posts and disinclined to squee.

Ellen (Elenor) - Was the only fronter for much of the body's teenage years, and suffered considerably at school. Split into several pieces during these years, but recently reintegrated in what we believe to be a divine healing.

JT - Probably won't talk much, because he's a kid, five or six years old, and most of what goes on here doesn't interest him much.

Durza (Yes, from Eragon) - Yeah. No idea what's going on there, but here he is and here he will probably stay. He's something of a reformed character, but don't expect manners.